It's a great day

WordPress was great. It still is. But after so many years of dealing with it, I've become bored. I'm playing with Dreamhost's Remixer. May go to something else. Meanwhile, if one of eight billion or however many people there are on the planet right now is crazy enough to want to read what I wrote previously (mostly the post-service rantings of a veteran of roughly 13 years on the Hill and 4 years at two federal commissions), there are links on the homepage to what I was able to salvage from WordPress after an unfortunate hacking incident. Enjoy!
  • Great Word 1
    Three is pretty much the maximum number of ideas you can convey to someone else at the same time.
  • Great Word 2
    That's why I like this template from Remixer.
  • Great Word 3
    Except this is idea number three, so I guess I'm out of space for now. :( [Aren't emojis great? What a revolution in communications. Whoops, sorry, too many ideas. And, by the way, must one use brackets in text instead of parenthesis when using emojis to make it easier to distinguish things?]